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Industrial hemp represents a powerful tool that could help our society transit to a carbon-neutral economy and build a more climate-resilient world. Through our services and expertize, we are aiming to get this message widely recognized and incorporated by industry stakeholders, policymakers, academics, governments, farmers, investors and environmental organizations working around climate change.

01 ― Strategic advisory

The scale of the transition to net zero is massive, requiring changes in everything from capital allocation, power generation, to product design and supply chains. We believe the hemp industry at its current phase won’t grow primarily from new businesses being established by hemp enthusiasts but by already established industries and companies integrating the material into their production and supply chains. We offer a set of strategic advisory services in order to help this transition occur.

For companies

  • 01 – Supply / production chain analysis

    Do you think your company might benefit from integrating hemp, but are unsure how to integrate it into your existing business? With our expertise, we can analyse your business’ supply / production chain and identify economically viable opportunities for hemp integration, including market research on trends in client’s respective industry.

  • 02 – Hemp industry / market overview (training & capacity building)

    The global hemp industry market value grew to 4.1 billion dollars in 2021. Each year there are new hemp-based breakthrough innovations brought by world-class researchers and academics. We can present current trends and hemp industry charts to your company top executives so they can make informed strategic decisions.

  • 03 ― Hemp value chain (training & capacity building)

    There are thousands of known uses for industrial hemp. Hemp-derived materials are being used in automotive, construction, aerospace, textile, medical, food, animal feed, petrochemical and many other industries. It is sometimes hard to see clearly what part of the plant is used for what purpose and application. Our team can help break it down in a  visually comprehensive way through interactive workshops.

  • 04- Legal and regulatory framework

    Is industrial hemp legal in my country? What is the allowed percentage of THC in hemp biomass? What rules apply to international trade? We can answer all these and many other questions tailored to your specific needs and local context. Tracking changes and latest developments in the regulatory framework / hemp policy is our daily bread.

  • 05 – Material / product innovation and design

    Together with our partners, design studios, architects, and a wide network of innovators from inside and outside of the hemp industry, we can assist your design and material innovation teams in developing new products based on industrial hemp.

  • 06 – Equipment sourcing  & technological solutions

    Has your company already decided to invest in your own production or processing facility, but you need help on the technological side? We can consult on your plans, provide advice and connect you with relevant companies and/or experts in the field.

  • 07 – Establishing multi-stakeholder partnerships

    Do you need to source biomass, find a farmer or the nearest processing facility in your area? Would you like to secure a buying contract for years ahead, but don’t know who to rely on? In the hemp industry, it’s all about contacts. We can help you connect with the right people.

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Photo ― Johhanes Rosenbruk

02 ― Research and development

Through our research projects, we aim to develop a better basic understanding of the hemp plant, not only as an agricultural product and potent raw material for industrial applications, but also as a tool for environmental regeneration. Our objective is to assess hemp’s environmental benefits via research projects on CO2 sequestration and soil remediation.

We plan to collaborate with professional scientists, research organizations, companies, hemp associations, land owners and universities to collect data on soil quality, contaminant extraction, and carbon sequestration while identifying opportunities to remediate areas contaminated and degraded by extensive use of harmful chemicals.

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03 ― Innovation

We partner with and provide support to designers, architects, research organisations and universities on material and product development based on industrial hemp. Sometimes we have ideas we’d like advice and feedback on from experts of different industries. This may be the same for you!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need expert help and a professional view from inside of the hemp industry to get perspective and advice on your project. The spirit of our organisation is inclusive, collaborative, action-oriented, and always open to dialog. Together we achieve more.

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